2004 AGM

Annual General Meeting / Awards Banquet held at Holiday Bowl, November 6, 2004
22 members in attendance
Call to order – 6.05 pm
Adoption of Agenda and previous minutes
Old business
SAFE Society donation still awaiting gaming approval – gaming approval should happen within the next three months.
PPC and Action league reports – leagues were well attended and well run. PPC league will have form a committee composed of Sandra, Shawn and Anna to make decisions regarding PPC league operations (for example when to cancel an evening due to bad weather). Action league may consider changing the format (add a training aspect to the league, changing the scoring system and possibly changing the night to Thursday) for 2005.
Financial reports were presented and accepted.
Membership report was not presented as that position is vacant
Public Relations – Jim had nothing to report
IPSC – qualifiers schedules for April 30, May 1, Oct 15 & 16, 2005. Likely will host IPSC Provincials in 2006 and are conidering a bid for 2008 IPSC Nationals
PPC – have now become an affiliate member with CPCA. Sandra will register our match (July 8-10, 2005 to cordinate with Streetwheelers weekend
New business
Elections – by acclamation; Anna T – President Randy N – Vice-President Allan F – Sec/Treasurer Sandra L – Stats director Leigh T – Newsletter director Jim T – Public relations director Sandra L accepted her nomination/ elction to position of Membership director
Discussed membership structure – current is that all adults pay $25 per year and all individuals under age 18 are provided memberships for free. Walter H motion that we create a Seniors membership class at age 50 at the same $25 annual fee and a Super Seniors class at age 65 and overv at a reduced annual fee of $20. Seconded by Clarence, all in favor – passed
NFA Insurance / membership renewal – discussed. Yes, we want to renew.
Discuss past approved expenditure of up to $1400. to add yards to the PPC range. Shawn G will get updated quote and advise.
NFA concerns re Federal Dept of Natural Resources review of reloading operations. These changes would make reloading at you home in the city illegal. If you are concerned please write; James Hinter President National Firearms Association P.O. Box 52183 Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2T5
Cathy K. is looking to redesign our website. If you have comments, suggestions or photos please e-mail Cathy
Adjourned 7.15 PM.