2005 AGM

March 29, 2005
Agenda Approved.
Minutes of last meeting read.
Correspondence reviewed. Allan to review and adjust the property insurance policy as reqiuired and then pay the renewal premium
New business
Discussion regarding the recent LFG decision to remove the concrete on ranges on #3 and #4.
Shawn G. – advised about LFG approval of his proposed enhancements to range #3.
Leigh T. motion . Recent decisions at the LFG range meeting will eliminate the concrete on
ranges #3 and #4. This concrete was previously paid for by the CCSC and placed on these ranges with the approval of the LFG. While the CCSC wants to ensure safe operations on the range, we are concerned that this decision will negatively affect our ability to participate in our shooting activity.
At the last LFG Range meeting, changes to range #3 were approved which will allow CCSC to continue to safely enjoy our shooting discipline. The expense of these range enhancements are $3600. I motion we approve this expenditure so we can continue to enjoy our shooting sport. Further, I motion that a CCSC representative / LFG member in good standing request that the LFG assist us financially in making these changes. Seconded by Shawn G. Carried. Unanimous.  Al F. inquired as to who should have keys to the CCSC shed. Motion by Anna T., seconded by Leigh T. that locks on our sheds be changed with “do not duplicate” keys.
Passed. All in favor.
Randy N. motion, seconded by Leigh that we have designated “keyholders” list with criteria established by the CCSC executive. Keyholder criteria – executive members and active members of a CCSC league or other individuals on written request.
Allan F. to have master key and control key distribution. Sandra will add who has keys to the membership list.
Discuss ACPA/CPCA Match. Leigh T motioned and Shawn seconded that CCSC subsidize this Provincial match to a maximum of $2500. less any grant money received from AFSS / ASPRW.
Motion carried.
Allan advised about IPSC Nationals in 2008.
Allan advised about range work day at LFG Range on April 16
Leagues – Action league starts Thursday May 19. PPC league starts Wednesday,May 18