2008 AGM

Minutes for the 2008 CCSC AGM
held on November 24, 2008 at Luigis Northside, 20 members in attendance.
Agenda – adopted by consensus
Previous minutes- adopted by consensus
Business arising from last minutes – none
Financial report – presented and adopted by consensus
New Business
-Review of junior programs – very successful year – one of our juniors becoming IPSC
National Junior Champion was very rewarding.
-Re-affirm past support to SAFE Society – LT – motion to donate $25,000 to SAFE
Society now that they are eligible to receive gaming funds. Seconded by AF – all in favor
-Action League for 2009 – will continue on Mondays
-PPC league for 2009-will continue on Wednesdays starting May 13
-3 gun match for 2009 – JT plans to have two in 2009
-IDPA – plan to have one IDPA match in 2009
Match dates for 2009 – PPC Date- July 17 & 18, 2 IPSC qualifier matches already
scheduled for 2009
-Cowboy Action – nothing to report
-Gun Purchase – to facilitate the overwhelming demand for juniors attending our 3 gun
matches we need to have some more equipment. JT motion to buy a black rifle and
smaller shotgun for this purpose to a maximum of $2500. seconded by Dan. Carried – all
in favor.
-SG made comment that the barricade “pockets” on range #3 should be protected when
setting up for 3 gun/IPSC matches.
Elections – current executive remains by acclamation
President Anna T
Vice Pres Randy N
Sec/Treas Allan F
Membership Chair – Sandra L
PR Chair – Leigh T
2008 League results – great year, lots of fun, lots of activity, action league shirts and
plaques were distributed.