2018 AGM

Chinook Country Shooters Club 2018 AGM

Nov.14th 2018

Present: see attendance sheet

Meeting called to order at


Randy VP chaired the meeting

No minutes were present from the last AGM: so no business arising from the minutes

  1. Financial report – Walter motioned, Randy seconded this Motion: The financials be accepted as posted. Carried. (see attached report).
  2. Review of the Jr Program by Katrina Sweetman and Devlan Sheppard. (see attached sheet)

Brent commented: he very much appreciated the community. It was welcoming and helpful. A big thank you to the youth program and those who run and support it.

  1. Rob and TJ proposal: it was submitted to the executive 3 months ago. Dave Jackson called for more accountability to how funds are allocated and recorded.

Hugh motioned, Walter, seconded this Motion:  A quartermaster be appointed that is responsible for the purchased and distribution of ammo used by CCSC. Carried.

After the discussion on ammo for youth, Walter motioned  Each youth be given $500.00 for practice, $250.00 for match ammo.

Amendment by Dave Jackson seconded by Tony:

Each youth be given $750.00 worth of ammo.

Amendment by Walter:  CCSC provide 25 youth up to $750.00 ( total of 18,750.00)

This motion was tabled and to be discussed by the executive as there was not enough financial information to make this decision.

There was more discussion.

  1. Action League 2018 report: By Walter and Nic. It was a good year, maybe will be starting after the May long weekend. Summer-Monday nights in Lethbridge, Winter-Thursday nights in Taber, 3Gun- Thursday in Lethbridge ( winter in Taber)
  2. Casino- next one is 2021, there is a need for volunteers
  3. PPC league report: By Richard. There was a slow year due to range 3 being closed but after that was a good year. Will run the same program this year, Wednesday nights starting maybe 2nd week in May.
  4. 3 GN report: By Dave Jackson. They will do a match once a month, but no schedule yet. They are trying to coordinate dates with other ranges.
  5. IPSC Provincials in Taber: Walter asked that financials all be run through CCSC.

Looking at the budget of $32,000 for income and expenses $29,000 (rough budget).

Walter motioned, seconded by Andy: CCSC will support IPSC 2019 provincials in Taber subject to availability of the Taber range and there are enough people to support working at it. Carried.

  1. Logo presentation by WhiteNight Media. Michelle showed people the new logo and asked for feedback after the meeting. Michelle gave a social media report (see attachment). Randy motioned seconded by Walter : That CCSC pay $1200.00 to WhiteNight Media for web presence and logo work. Carried
  • Elections: Election Results
  • President: Richard Coolidge
  • Vice President: Rob McKenzie
  • Secretary /Treasurer: David Jackson
  • Membership Director: George Roth
  • Public Relations/Media Director: Scott Sweetman
  • Casino Chair / Director: Allan Friesen

Meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm